Big City Firm!

A big city firm doesn’t always know what’s best for you.

Recently I helped a lovely couple buy into a retirement village.Big Cirt

A big city law firm, acting for the retirement home, sent them an invoice for nearly $2,000 for preparation of  contracts.

I challenged their invoice as the Regulations state that:

“the maximum amount payable by a resident for legal and other expenses incurred by the operator in connection with the preparation of a village contract is $200.”

The big city law firm argued that this invoice didn’t come under the regulations as the contracts were “non village contracts” and told me that’s what we’ve always charged and we know the law!  It seemed like they had been getting away with overcharging and bullying retirement residents for years.

I am happy to say they didn’t get away with it with my clients.  

I can make sure you know what you are entitled to.

If you are considering going into a retirement village ask me to review the contract and disclosure documents.

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