If you are like me you’ve been worried about this for years. Well, what can you do about it?

For less than the price of those piano lessons per week you could buy a rental property.

Use negative gearing to pay for most of your holding costs.  You can put the property in your name or in a company name holding a trust so there’s minimal transfer costs if you want to give it to your children or allow them to benefit while not putting it in their name.

The secret is to start early and let the market  benefit you by holding for as long as possible and selling when the market is in your favour.

It’s simpler than you think. If you bought a rental property before your child turns 5, by the time they’re 21 you should have accumulated a large amount of equity.  What a great 21st present. Better than champagne…. some might say better than private school.  Be in a position to give them a sizeable deposit on their first home.  Give your child a step up in life.

With our help you can do it.