Basic Will (BW)                                                                     $323.00

Power of Attorney (POA)                                                   $199.00

Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA)                                $197.00

Advanced Health Directive (AHD)                                    $197.00

Testamentary Trust Provision in a Will (TW)                    $457.00

Will Box 1 – BW plus EPOA (W1)                                        $447.00

Will Box 2 – TW plus EPOA plus ADH (W2)                      $597.00

Couples Wills Package – TW plus EPOA plus ADH         $842.00

Optional Will and POA Registration available

All fees are exclusive of GST and disbursements (if any)
All include Hard copies, Soft Copies and a Will Folder.

Would you like to make an video Will for your loved ones?
We can arrange this service for you.

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